What to Expect at the First Market of the Season

When people find out that our first Janesville Farmers Market of the season is May 4th, they often wonder what kinds of things they will find at such an “early” market.  I’m putting early in quotes here because many farmers’ markets have already started their s
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The Omnivore’s Advantage

I recently visited the Milwaukee Public Museum with my family. I enjoyed the displays showing the many various cultures of the world. From the Masai of Africa to the Inuit of the North, many successful cultures have had many different traditions and diets.  This fact shows the incredi
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Storing Food for the Long Winter

03/19/13  Storing Food for the Long Winter When the snow and cold just keep coming past the middle of March, it can really feel like a long winter.  The sun is shining from that optimistic place in the sky that tells our bodies spring is coming.  The robins are fluffing up their feath
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Local Food Holiday Menu

What better time than the holidays consider the impact of our food choices on both the natural environment and the local economy?  As we partner with Basics Co-operative to bring you a Winter Farmers Market on December 15th, I’ve created a Sample Local Holiday Menu featuring foo
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Shake the Hand that Feeds You

I just love being down at our market on Saturdays.  We see almost a thousand people every Saturday.  Of these, I think that at least one third are regular customers.  This means that the Janesville Farmers Market is a regular destination for hundreds of people every Saturday morning. 
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Janesville Farmers Market Feedback

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