Think Outside the Box – Making Mac & Cheese More Local

Making Macaroni and Cheese More Local June is Dairy Month, which is a great time to take a new look at your consumption of milk and cheese. Are you supporting local farmers with your choices? Here in Wisconsin, it is easy to find locally raised dairy products both in the store and at
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Spring Salads – Loving Those Greens!

Spring Salads – Loving those Greens! Spring salad greens are here!  If you don’t like salad, maybe you just haven’t tried the right greens yet!  There are many great varieties that have more nutrition and flavor than those boring iceberg leaves!  Try them alone or make your own
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Don’t be a Party PNOOPer! What it Means to be a Producer-Only Market

PNOOP = Products Not Of Own Production, a term originally coined by Los Angeles Times writer David Karp to describe the act of selling something at a farmers’ market that you did not produce, while claiming to have grown or made the item yourself. Janesville Farmers Market is a
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How to Make the Best Boiled Eggs

So you’ve discovered farm fresh eggs!  You love the flavor, the freshness, the golden yolks and the way they fry up in a pan.   You feel good about supporting local farms and humane raising of animals.  Perhaps you understand the important role that poultry can play in pest cont
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Become a JFM Vendor

Do you want to be a JFM vendor?  – Here are some tips. Maybe you are a farmer or producer who is considering selling at a farmers market, but you don’t know where to start.  Here are some tips and ideas to get you started. The Janesville Farmers Market is a fun Saturday mo
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The Role of Women in Local Agriculture and Farmers’ Markets

Last month I had the pleasure of getting to know nine other Wisconsin farmers’ market managers as we came together three times in person and several more times virtually online to complete the Market Manager Certificate Program offered by the Michigan Farmers Market Association.
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Wellness Wednesdays – Upcoming Classes

Wellness Wednesdays – Upcoming Classes Are you looking for more ways to add fresh, local food to your diet?  Do you want to cook at home more often in order to save money and have better health?  Then you will enjoy the new Wellness Wednesdays classes being offered at Basics Coo
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Janesville Farmers Market Feedback

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